Monday, October 13, 2008

Fact-checkers on Mars

When I watched Life on Mars the other night, there was one nagging thing I was going to look up, and then promptly forgot about the next time I was online. When the protagonist was first flung back in time, he was met by a policeman from 1973, and there was a thing where he mentioned his "cell" and the cop doesn't know what he meant. Then he mentioned his "Jeep" and the cop was like, why are you driving a military vehicle?

Obviously, I'm no gearhead, but I would have thought we had Jeeps in the seventies. It's just that they were expensive. So this morning I did a little research. There's a picture of how I remember a classic civilian Jeep from Ye Olden Days on the Wikipedia at That model was in production for the civilian market since 1954.

This is why I shouldn't watch television...

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