Wednesday, October 1, 2008

But Kirk Cameron is no Shah Rukh

Not even close!

We were checking the movie schedules this morning, and I thought maybe I'd slept through a year of my life, because at first, I didn't recognize any of the titles. Beer for My Horses, based on a country song by Toby Keith? That new Brideshead Revisited is already out -- when did that happen? And Fireproof? What's that? Reading a quick synopsis, I realized that's a religious drama, and my next thought was, based on a novel by Dee Henderson? (There's a whole series of heroic Christian novels with policemen and soldiers and firefighters, some bearing a frightening resembling to Ben Affleck, on the covers).

Well, no, but it does star Kirk Cameron! And in the IMDB trivia section: "Kirk Cameron, a Christian evangelist, refuses to kiss any woman other than his wife under any circumstance, so to film a scene in which his character in this movie kisses his wife, the filmmakers had to dress Cameron's real-life wife, Chelsea Noble, as the wife character (played throughout the rest of the movie by Erin Bethea) and shoot the kissing scene in shadow so the difference between Noble and Bethea would not be as evident onscreen." (see, if you care).

I've become so immersed in Bollywood conventions, I immediately wondered why this was even an issue. There are more ways to cover up the lack of kissing than there are ways to hide a sitcom star's pregnancy behind sofa cushions. Sexier ways, too.

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