Tuesday, September 9, 2008

"Calling out, in-transit..."

My new shortwave radio came in the mail yesterday, and by this morning, I had tuned into China Radio International. Of course, this would be more useful if I could understand Chinese. It is, however, unassailably cool.

And speaking of radio, this has led me to discover the online stations. The first one I've checked out is RadioCity 91.1 FM, Live from Hyderabad. (http://www.voicevibes.net/index.php)
The announcer was rattling off in Hindi, as native speakers of all languages tend to do, and I caught a word here and there, like "kaun" and "lekin," and then suddenly it was all Dilip Kumar and Madhubala and Anarkali. Eeee!

Then, after a station identification, they played the "Hum Tum ek Kamre Me Bandh Ho" song from Bobby. I squealed out loud. I too need a "nerdiness" tag for my blog entries.

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