Sunday, August 10, 2008

The horror movie challenge lives on


If I were in India right now, I would totally enter this contest. (Well, among other things). It's very William Castle; not only do you have to watch the movie, Phoonk, in the theater alone, you have to get a medical exam first to prove you don't have a heart condition or something. They might as well have nurses in lobbies.

The best part is on the official website (, where some people have written in with comments like "Your flicks are boring and stupid... To prove that your movies are damn nonsense, I will fly from abroad to India."

I haven't seen many of Ram Gopal Verma's films, but Bhoot was pretty good, as is this trailer. No familiar names in the cast, but the star played the neighbor and business partner, Jazz Kapoor, in Kal Ho Naa Ho, and she was likeable. So I'm cautiously optimistic.

Not that it'll be on DVD any time soon, but it's still probably going to beat that Trick 'r Treat Halloween anthology movie (with Dylan Baker and Anna Paquin) that was supposed to be released in 2007...

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