Sunday, July 20, 2008

Bad Music Hex

I ended up watching some high school summer basketball yesterday, and between games, one of the teams blasted some tunes. Among them, nothing else but the Mellenhead's "I was born in a small town" song that I was just ranting about yesterday. Apparently, I hexed myself just by talking about it.

Attending a sporting event also gave me a chance to compare something with "I just watched this Bollywood movie about girls' field hockey..." Then I thought, wow, if I'd heard that sentence come out of my mouth a year ago -- especially the part about the girls' field hockey, yikes! I'd never have believed it. But one's priorities change. Now one my rules of thumb is: if it's got Shah Rukh Khan, I'll watch it.

Since these games aren't part of the season, just summer training games, the level of sportsmanship was much higher. It was the least hostile play I've seen in these high school girls' games, with only a few fouls on any side. I could actually watch them play without getting angry about teenage girls hitting the floor hard and the refs ignoring it. Even better: without the screaming parents on all sides. It was even interesting watching a game that didn't involve "my" team. Thus accidentally validating all the crazy things I believe about artificially induced competition.

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