Friday, March 14, 2008

New uses for horror cliches

I never thought the Mondo Macabro DVD company would be able to top Mystics in Bali, but they've got an Indonesian horror film coming out soon called Queen of Black Magic. Check out the clip: What happens at the 48-second made me LOL and then LOL again. In fact, I LOL'ed again just now when I was doublechecking the time. This may be the best visual use of a full moon in a horror movie that I'll ever see!

I just watched The Brainiac and posted that review. Now I have a Bollywood vampire movie coming from Netflix, and after that, a Japanese film called Matango: Attack of the Mushroom People is on the top of my queue. Obviously, my new plan is to become a renowned expert on the multicultural approach to B-movie culture. All I need is a thesis statement and I'm good to go! Then I can start writing off insane DVDs as business expenses.

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